Daytripping with the Metro to Little Tokyo and the Arts District

There are many Metro stops that have great places nearby.  Taking the Metro can free you up to eat and drink without worrying about driving and parking.

One station is the Little Tokyo/Arts District Station on the Gold Line.  I park at the Universal/Studio City Station on the Red Line, then take it to Union Station to the Gold Line.

FYI – You can get a day pass for $7 if you want to jump on and off, but a round trip is only $3.50.  A new TAP card is $1 but you can put more money on it for other trips, so hang onto it.  Yes, Universal now charges $3 for parking, but it’s worth the convenience.  The trip takes about 45 minutes.  Metro LA info

Once you get to the Little Tokyo station, right across the street is the Japanese American National Museum. You can get a discount on admission with your TAP card!  It is a wonderful museum.  Very thoughtful and timely.  I recommend it for all, including families with older teenagers.  Located at 100 N Central Ave.  Japanese Museum National Museum

Down the street from the Museum as you cross into the Arts District is a terrific restaurant.  Wurstkuche is a sausage and beer place (though that description doesn’t do it justice.)  It is classic sausages, as well as exotic, crazy flavors and meats.  They have different kinds of fabulous beer.  The set-up is long tables, some smaller ones, a great atmosphere for meeting friends.  Located at 800 E. 3rd st @ Traction.  Wurstkuche

One of my favorite places is The Pie Hole.  Mmm, pie.  This location is just across the street from Wurstkuche.  The Mexican chocolate pie is my favorite, but I always like trying single pieces of their interesting flavors.  Located at 714 Traction Ave.  The Pie Hole

Then just up the street is Angel City Brewery.  A fascinating old warehouse, turned brewery.  Terrific brews and a friendly place.  Take the tour if you can, as they mention the history and have old pictures of the place back in the day from the Los Angeles Public Library.  I’ve never met a beer I didn’t like at Angel City.  They have food trucks and pretzels, but I bring back my pie to eat while sipping a great beer.  They have angel wings you can take a picture behind you for fun.  Located at 216 Alameda St.  Angel City Brewery

After your busy day of eating and drinking, it’s time to take the Metro back the way you came.  Be warned you may feel a bit sleepy on your way back, so don’t miss your stops!  I love day trips like this.  Finding new and fun places or revisiting my favorites.


Don’t forget the town of Ventura

Ventura is a nice little place that most people pass through on their way to Santa Barbara.  Don’t pass it up!  They have cheaper gas than both SB and LA, an interesting downtown and lots of fantastic hometown breweries.

One of my favorites is Surf Brewery.  They have lots of fruit flavored beers, including their Strawberry that comes out in season this month.  MadeWest is a great brewery with tasty IPAs and terrific wifi.  There are a few man buns going on here, but it’s all good.  Topa Topa is a nice place to stop when coming back from the beach.  They are very family oriented if you need that sort of thing.

Locations:  Surf – 4561 Market St A; MadeWest – 1744 Donlon St; Topa Topa – 104 E Thompson Blvd.  They all have great food trucks but don’t mind if you bring snacks, dinner or an impromtu picnic.

An awesome gem in Downtown Ventura is Ventura Coast Brewing Company located at 76 S Oak St.  It has a wide range of brews, with the new Kazbier and Neighborhood being my favorites.  There is everything from light, hoppy, stout, anything for every taste.  There is a nice patio which is dog friendly, a comfortable bar area and lots of large tables for groups if needed.  VCBC have events from time to time that are fun and friendly.

I recommend coming up to Ventura to get a friendly taste of a town where less is expected of you than the bigger, splashier cities.  (In a good way and price-wise, as well!)

Websites – Surf Brewery –   MadeWest –  Topa Topa –   VCBC